Masahiro Chono fight in nWo Souled out


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After the joining nWo, January 27th 1997, he had a match in nWo Souled out whch is nWo’s fist PPV event.nWo Souled out was the war between WCW and nWo.Chono fighted against Chris Jericho again.

footage is here

The match is so good to watch.Chono used dragon screw which is great muta used a lot.Chono was introduced as the first international nWo member by the announcer.The audience said “USA! USA!”.They hated Japan at that time. Chono won the match.

The model of nWo is UWF in Japan.90th in Japan there was a battle between New Japan Pro-wrestling and UWF.And Eric Bischoff who is the member of nWo and vice president of WCW watched it in Japan.Then he thought he wants to do the same in USA.







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