AJ Styles revealed the root cause of his injury



AJ Styles revealed the root cause of his injury


AJ Styles is out from today’s NJPW show again.

NJPW announced that he is out due to his low back injury.

But he follows the tour even now. Many fans found him coming to the arena. So if his condition turns fine, he will come back to the tour.


NJPW Bi-Monthly which is prowrestling magazine published by Weekly Prowrestling Mgazine is out last weekend.

AJ Styles got a long interview. This interview was done before he got injury, but he talks about his condition on this magazine.

He said, he has wrestled too many matches in too many countries this year like US, Japan, UK, Italy, Germany and so on.

He said it was too much and overwork. That made his condition bad.

So he said he will more focus on NJPW and ROH next year. That means he will reduce indy offers which he got too many this year.

I think he should!

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