Interview of NXT Women’s champion Asuka. First thing Asuka wants to do when she’s back in Japan is….



Interview of NXT Women’s champion Asuka. First thing Asuka wants to do when she’s back in Japan is….


Asuka got telephone interview by some Japanese medias.

Interviewer: How’s your life in the US?

Asuka: It took 6 months to get used to live in the US. I had some language barrier, but now I can shopping and go out by myself.

Interviewer: How’s the food in the US?

Asuka: Now a day, I only eat Japanese food here! I miss Japanese food! Not so many good Japanese restaurants in Orlando. It’s difficult to find authentic Japanese restaurant.

Interviewer: How’s practice in performance center?

Asuka: Coaches here are teaching me a lot of things I didn’t know in Japan. Basics to advance techniques. Some of it is similar to what I was doing in Japan but rhythm or timing is little different in the States, so how I mix Japanese and American techniques to my style is what I need to work on.

Interviewer: It seems you had all the control on your matches in NXT including first match. That wasn’t the case?

Asuka: That wasn’t the case. How to get the fans in the match is different in Japan and in the States. In Japan fans are quite at beginning of match, just watching the all the small details in the match, the US fans are on their feet from the start. Although fans were on their feet on my debut match, I still think how I can satisfy WWE universe before every match, I’m still learning.

Interviewer: Any difference after being NXT Women’s Champion?

Asuka: I had less pressure before being NXT champion. I feel more pressure being a champion, but I can perform better under pressure! In fact, I want more pressure!

Interviewer: How was your feeling when you got the belt?

Asuka: Actual feeling as a champion came little after I won. I still can’t believe I am a champion. My debut match was 5 days after I came to the US. Normally, it takes so long even to come to WWE. And even more to be on TV match. It wasn’t the case for me, so it was unbelievable experience.

Interview: Do you have any communication with other Japanese superstars?

Asuka: I am in the same promo class with Hideo. We need to do promos in front of other superstars and coaches, but it always turns out to be like a comedy show. Shinsuke took me out to the beach with other superstars. Shinsuke gives me advices after checking my matches.

Interviewer: On last NXT show, you picked a fight to Nia Jax in Japanese.

Asuka: In my first match, I could not say anything. I thought I should not use Japanese because no one will understand me. But I realized what’s more important is to show emotions using whole body not only the words. After that, I started scream in Japanese during matches!

Interviewer: How do you feel about coming back to Japan for NXT match?

Asuka: I feel honored to show WWE’s Asuka to Japanese WWE universe. My basic haven’t changed, but to some it may seem everything have changed. I want them to compare my WWE match to previous Japanese matches.

Interview: What do you want to do when your back in Japan?

Asuka: I want to eat real sushi!!

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