Gotoh is going to take the evil out of EVIL!!



Gotoh is going to take the evil out of EVIL!!


Only couple of days left for Dominion in Osaka, battle ground for LIJ and Chaos! Gotoh is going to face Evil and where he can’t afford to lose for two consecutive times.

Here is highlight of Gotoh’s interview from Tokyo Sports newspaper!

Gotoh: “Last time EVIL was just lucky. I’m positive that I will win in Dominion. Want to bring back Takaaki Watanabe from Evil. I don’t think he feels that his in the right position now. Everything is WATANABE!

Gotoh: “If I win, I will make him go to water falls for traditional Japanese style spiritual training! I did it and made my mind crystal clear!

Will EVIL wash away his evilness or will Gotoh be dragged into darkness by EVIL??

We will only know after the Dominion match between Gotoh and EVIL!!

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