Real reason Yoshi-Hashi wants to kick SANADA’s ass!



Real reason Yoshi-Hashi wants to kick SANADA’s ass!


Yoshi-Hashi will face SANADA in Dominion. Yoshi-Hashi has been losing to SANADA throughout the tour. However he claims he never tapped out.

There will be big open slot that Nakamura made for this year’s G1 tournament. Currently SANADA is most likely to fill the open spot, but Yoshi-Hashi has been demanding spot in G1 since last year! G1 participants will not be announced during Dominion like last year. It will be announced in Korakuen Hall after the Dominion. This means outcome of tag match between Yoshi-Hashi and SANADA will play important role on who will be selected among these two to the G1!

Here is highlight of Yoshi-Hashi’s interview on NJPW official web site.

Interviewer: “You have been losing to SANA.DA during the tour.”

Yoshi-Hashi: “I never felt I lost to him. There is reason why I call him “the biggest loser”. I failed NJPW tryout number of times but never gave up. And passed NJPW tryout and here I am in the NJPW ring! I don’t know the reason, but when you give up after failing the first tryout like SANADA, it makes him nothing but a big loser!

Interviewer: So you are saying that if SANADA’s goal was to compete in NJPW ring, and the way he got here makes him a loser?

Yoshi-Hashi: Yes. Even though I lost to him on a match, I have no desire to give up. This is same philosophy I have since I entered NJPW dojo. Nothing will make me give up. If I have given up on one single thing in the past, I won’t be here!

Interview: Understand your point.

Yoshi-Hashi: For SANADA, he gave up and ran away from NJPW tryout and went to some other promotion. And now he thinks he have a position in NJPW roster?? I have never given up like SANADA, that’s why even if someone might tell me I lost to him or even I lost to him in a match, I have strong feeling that I never lost to him!

Interviewer: For SANADA, your comment should be real pain in the ass.

Yoshi-Hashi: I don’t know and don’t care what he thinks. I am only going to kick his ass for good! I will never give up on that!

Interviewer: You are taking this as a long term feud and not just as a spot.

Yoshi-Hashi: Puroresu is about all the history behind the match, it doesn’t end in 1 single match. I consider the entire encounter with him as a stair way to bring him down! All the matches and encounters are related to the final outcome!”

Interviewer: You will be facing SANADA on a tag match at Dominion.

Yoshi-Hashi: Yes. Personally I wanted to face him on singles. However even a tag match means something is moving for final outcome. My partner will be Ishii. We have been together for long time in Chaos. Also SANADA is tagging with BUSHI. They have been together from previous promotion. However Ishii and I have better teamwork, no doubt!

Yoshi-Hashi passed NJPW tryout in his 3rd try, most sever tryout in Japan, maybe the most sever in the world. And went through all the hell in NJPW dojo (training camp) where most of trainees run way. This experience made him strong physically and mentally. He has all his rights to call SANADA “the biggest loser”! For SANADA, Yoshi-Hashi will be someone he doesn’t want to encounter!

Will SANADA be ready to handled all hyped-up Yoshi-Hashi in Dominion??

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