Who was the guy sitting next to Kidani in Dominion??



Who was the guy sitting next to Kidani in Dominion??


The guy who was sitting next to Kidani was Shinya Aoki. He is the current Lightweight MMA in One FC! One FC is MMA promotion based in Singapore and has events around South East Asia. Recently Aoki defeated Sakuraba in MMA match in Dec. 2015. He also had multiple pro-wrestling matches in Inoki Genom Federation (IGF)

Why did Kidani bring MMA champion to Dominion?? Kidani commented before Dominion that he was afraid to attend NJPW events because of LIJ. Was Aoki was brought as Kidani’s body guard?? Or is there new plan Kidani have in his mind??

Here is Kidani’s comment after Dominion taken from Tokyo Sports.

Kidani: Final decision will be made by NJPW, not me. If NJPW doesn’t want to do it, that’s that. My personal opinion about current NJPW is that it is little American style. Don’t get me wrong, I also like American style. But if this goes too far, we will be just a farm system for WWE. I always though Nakamura was guarding NJPW from not being WWE’s farm system with his fighting style, but now his gone.

Will Kidani bring back MMA style to NJPW again?? Will Kidani follow Inoki’s path that made NJPW go downhill??

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