Kojima gives away his G1 spot to Tenzan



Kojima gives away his G1 spot to Tenzan


After wining Never 6 men tag belt tonight at Kizuna Road PPV, Kojima called Tenzan to the ring and told he will give his G1 spot to Tenzan!

Kojima’s promo: “I had one thing in my mind that I wanted to say if I get this 6 men tag belt! I know more than anyone how much Tenzan want to be in G1. I will give Tenzan my G1 spot and come back as a G1 champion!!”

Tenzan was devastated when he heard he wasn’t in the G1. Tenzan is referred as “Mr. G1”. He has most G1 appearance with 21 times and most G1 wins with 64wins. He is 3 times G1 champion including back to back champion in 2003 and 2004.

Tenzan had his mind set for this year’s G1 to be his last G1. After the G1 announcement, he has been demand to NJPW a spot in this year’s G1 through media and promos.

Official words from NJPW have not come out yet about Tenzan’s G1 spot.

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