Naitoh criticizes how G1 is managed by the office (NJPW)!



Naitoh criticizes how G1 is managed by the office (NJPW)!


Less than 2 weeks to go for NJPW’s biggest series G1! Naitoh again criticized how NJPW handled the situation of Tenzan’s G1 entry after Kojima forfeited his spot for him.

Here is his comment on Tokyo Sports.

Naitoh: I understand if Kojima wants to be out of G1. But if this is the case, there should be some tournament to determine who will fill in for his spot. He can’t just give it to someone he wants. This should not be approved that easily.

Naitoh: From next year, NJPW should inform all wresters that are in close place of having G1 spot. All those wresters should have some kind of tournament to battle for G1 spot. This will be clear to everyone and there will not be any complains.

Naitoh’s proposal of having tournament is actually quite interesting. It can be a battle royal or one day tournament or something else. If this will be open to international wrestlers, there will be many competing for G1 spot. It will all make G1 more exiting and prestige international tournament!

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