Kota Ibushi mentioned if he signs with WWE



Kota Ibushi mentioned if he signs with WWE


Japanese “Golden Star” Kota Ibushi who left NJPW & DDT and joins WWE Cruiser Weight Classic.

He debuted in NXT taping last Friday and is reported that he has signed deal with WWE.

He got a interview with TokyoHeadling.com and mentioned about it.

Here is the highlight.


Ibushi : I felt something difficult to wrestle in WWE. How can I say… It was “taping”, so we have to focus on viewers rather than the fans in the arena. You know what I mean? The camera is located at no fans area. So we have to appeal to the direction. I have been wrestling for the fans in the arena. So it was a little bit difficult.

Ibushi : I don’t understand English at all. But I can understand the nuance and use body language. So I can communicate. lol.

Ibushi : I got more reaction from fans in US than in Japan. I think it is easier to wrestle in US.

Ibushi : I will wrestle in WRESTLE-1 Yokohama Bunka Gym Hall on August 11th. And DDT has a big show at Ryogoku Sumo Hall on August 25th. But if I go forward to CWC, I wouldn’t wrestle the show.

Ibushi : I don’t think I will be full timer in WWE at all. I have a lot of things left in Japan. I want to wrestle in Japan.

Ibushi : What did I leave in Japan? I can’t say that… but the one who I wrestled against and with before.


This interview is conducted before the rumor Ibushi signing with WWE came out.

I don’t know if he has signed with WWE.

But I am sure…. what he left in Japan is … Kenny Omega.

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