What does Naito think about his opponents of G1?



What does Naito think about his opponents of G1?


Here is the interview of Tetsuya Naito on NJPW official website. He talks about his opponents of G1 Climax.

About Nagata:
He might got his confidence back with Shibata, is he going to show me what strong style is all about??
I don’t hate his style, but that’s not my style. I commented about Tenzan last year and will say same thing to Nagata, “your time is up, there’s no place for you in this ring!”

About Elgin:
I fought him once in ROH, but don’t remember too much about him.
He might be the Intercontinental champion and won some tournament in CMLL, but I am greater than IWGP champion now. I will control him like a puppet!

About Shibata:
It was fun facing him a year ago, but now his like a company’s yes man. There is no fighting spirit in his eyes any more. Where did Shibata’s fighting sprit he had a year ago went?

About Homma:
He had only 1 win on last year’s G1. Why is he even on this year’s G1? He will have only 1 or 2 wins this year as well, he should retire or after this G1.

About Nakajima:
Is he going to fight for Noah or as member of Chaos in this G1? What’s the reason his teaming up with Chaos? Is he going to participate in G1 so he can be friends with Chaos?
His going to face me, the most talked about wrester, in his hometown Fukuoka in G1, this is going to a big event for him! I hope he can make good use of his biggest event of his career!
He is 28 years old but 13 year veteran, I actually saw him from the seats in NJPW ring before I entered NJPW dojo! For me, his is still the young little boy I saw from my seat!

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