Marufuji claimed that Goto is copying his maneuver.



Marufuji claimed that Goto is copying his maneuver.


Naomichi Marufuji of NOAH got a interview on NJPW official website.

Here is the highlight.

His been to number of promotions which meaning he got something in him that got him booked. But he still seems he haven’t found what who he really wants to be in the ring. I have more experience than him, I hope he can find some kind of answer through our match.

About Tanahashi:
I have fought him 3times in the past, Aug. 6th match will be 4th time. His the face of Japanese Pro Wrestling world. I’m kind of jealous that his the face. Can’t lose to a guy who just came our from injury. I feel there are some in-ring similarity between us. I’m going to try to show different tactics compare with previous 3 matches.

About Tama Tonga:
I faced him once in a tag match before Bullet Club time. He has different athletic abilities compare with Japanese wrester that interests me. However, I will get my win.

About Gotoh:
It will be my first match with Gotoh. His one tough wrester, who put all the dedication to wrestling. His rope maneuver is a complete copy of my work! He even admitted to me that he copied my work! I will show him how it’s really done!
We both have amateur wrestling background and we are both same age. I want to tear the house down with him!

About Nakajima:
His a dangerous wrestler. His fighting spirit, toughness, potential, everything is on the high level right now and above my level.
His high kicks can hit an opponent bigger than him, his kind of wrester who changes immediately after entering the ring. If I can face him in the finals, it will be something NJPW fans never saw.

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