What is NJPW Time Bomb Ticking Down?



What is NJPW Time Bomb Ticking Down?


Time Bomb started ticking down before Aug 14th Jay Lethal vs Kojima match. Timer was set for 1992 hours or 83 days which is Nov. 5th. Nov. 5th is NJPW’s Power Struggle PPV in Osaka. Power Struggle PPV is the last PPV before Wrestle Kingdom in January 2017.

Watch the footage of Time Bomb on NJPWworld for free.

What is going to explode in Power Struggle? There are number of speculations floating among fans, such as Suzuki-Gun invasion, Rayback and Cody Rodes appearance.

I don’t think Ryback is the Time Bomb because I have not confirmed any negotiation between New japan and him so far.

And Suzuki mentioned last month that there is the last Time Bomb. A lot of fans think it might be related.

Still no official announcement from NJPW. All we can do is wait until the bomb explodes.

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