Matt Sydal and Will Ospreay comment about their match in Super J Cup



Matt Sydal and Will Ospreay comment about their match in Super J Cup

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The 6th Super J cup will be taken place at Ariake Colosseum on August 21st.

Super J cup is the all star tournament for Junior heavyweight division.

The tournament has only taken place 6 times. The first Super J Cup, held in 1994, is widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestling shows of all time. Dave Meltzer, editor of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, called the 1994 Super J-Cup “the most incredible single night of wrestling ever”

it will be live on njpwworld.com.

Here is the interview of Matt Sydal and Will Ospreay on NJPW official website.

Matt Sydal

About Super J Cup:
In order to win and survive in Super J Cup we need to face tough battles. Wrestling is not only a battle but it’s an art. I need to be both artist and warrior to win Super J Cup.
Most of Americans wrestlers dreamed to be in WWE as a kid, but I was different. As a kid, I saw Super J Cup and dreamed to be in this tournament. This is great honor and will be a huge step in my wrestling career.

About Ospreay:
Ospreay is the wrestler I need to look out for the most. At the same time Ospreay should look out for me as well. I am as real as he is. He seems like when I was young, when I was still stepping up as a wrestler. However I am still evolving. He will realize what is the real evolution in pro wrestling after facing me. I want to create a perfect art form everybody will buzz through internet.

About the finals:
I would like to face the legend Liger or IWGP Jr Champion KUSHIDA at the finals. ]

Will Ospreay

About Super J Cup:
This tournament has its own history and many legends have competed. All the wrestlers competing in this year’s tournament are tough. However, I have competed and won in bigger tournaments in England. All I need is to repeat 3 counts to win this tournament.

About his opponents:
It’s an honor to hear many wrestlers in Super J Cup are looking out for me. However facing me in a match means they are going to lose. I am making histories. I am the youngest and only British BOSJ Champion. I will make new Super J Cup history as well.

About Matt Sydal
Sydal is like the prototype of my new style of wrestling. He is a veteran fighter who knows all the tactics. I need to be careful about the timing when I execute my moves, even a single mistake will lead to a loss.

About finals:
I need to defeat KUSHIDA! I challenged his IWGP Jr title in April and June, but fell only one step short. It’s time for my revenge!

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